Basarsoft is the leading and pioneering company providing totally tailored solutions in GIS. It was founded in 1997 by a group of passionate group of engineers, professional in GIS in Turkey.

Basarsoft provide GIS solutions in variaty of fields, and focused on Utility Network GIS and Navigation Data Production Sector. Main applications in GIS include data management and integration into SCADA, Billing, Maintenance, SAP, Field and Sales Force Management, CRM systems. Basarsoft has been awarded to become regional distributor and solution center for Pitney Bowes, Mapinfo GIS solutions, for EMEA region. Basarsoft has developed the largest Infrastructure Network GIS systems for Turkey, including Telecom Wireline & Cable TV Network (, Electricity/Power Grid (, Water/Sewage/Stormwater Network (, Natural Gas Network ( Basarsoft is also the leading navigation data and solution provider in Turkey and Northern Cyprus. Basarsoft has been investing in R&D. Special Utility & Navigation Solution for blinds can be given as an example of the projects R&D has developed.

Phone number is +903124737080
Computer Software
Company size
201-500 employees
198 on LinkedIn 
Cankaya, Ankara
Privately Held
GIS, MapInfo, Spatial Decision Support Systems, Navigation Solutions, Google Earth Enterprise, Electricty Grid GIS, Telecom GIS, Water Sewer GIS, Natural Gas GIS, GIS System Integration, and Location Based Sevices

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